HAL-O III Rectifier Tube Stabilizer w/Amperex 6922 PQ HAL-O III
  HAL-O III Stabilizer, introduced to our product lineup June 2011.

C. Paul Barreira, Australia

Regarding the HAL-O III-9 Stabilizer for 6H30 tube in our Opera Consonance R2.2 Linear CD player: wow! Subtlety seems to be the name of the game. At least that's what I find here. The ability to hear that much more intimate detail of instruments etc. is truly splendid. Many thanks.


Hi, I bought 3 of the Hal-o 3 rings for my tube dac (uses 5687x2 and ef86x1). Adding these to the tubes made an instant and tangible improvement to the quality of sound, everything tightened up and sounded more tightly resolved.

Cost effective improvement, thanks.

M. A. W.

Im hear all kinds of wonderful detail just with the 6H30 and the HAL-O III. Listened much longer than I intended!

M Watters

These things are miraculous on the small tubes of my Lamm M1.2 monoblocks! Highly recommended!

Scott Brannon, Indiana

"happy happy/joy joy!" pic:

HAL-O III Rectifier & Power Tube Stabilizers

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