-HAL-O III Comments-

Name: Martin
Message: Hi,

I bought 3 of the Hal-o 3 rings for my tube dac (uses 5687x2 and ef86x1). Adding these to the tubes made an instant and tangible improvement to the quality of sound, everything tightened up and sounded more tightly resolved.

Cost effective improvement, thanks.
Name: Hi-end74
Message: I do not know what exactly hear whether it is better or are worse? Some audio components are better and some kind of disappeared . Surely there is a better bass as stated below is coming . Treble is not as expressive and dominant , plates sustain if shorter , duller Davis trumpet , vocals slimmer away . The big advantage is that you can hear how variable such recordings - Each disc has its own character. This is not a monotonous playing - you have to sit back and good to listen . It's not t-end74he end of my opinion because the test is - I is 90 days. I greet , high - end74
Name: M. A. W.
Message: Im hear all kinds of wonderful detail just with the 6H30 and the HAL-O III. Listened much longer than I intended!
Name: M Watters
Message: These things are miraculous on the small tubes of my Lamm M1.2 monoblocks! Highly recommended!
Message: Hello:

I am the owner of serveral variations of your produsts. Will you be selling the annealed titanium isolation pads without the rings? Thank you, K

Webmaster's reply: Because you need a jeweler's laser welder to attach the titanium pads to a C-ring, they will not be available separately on our website, though they are available by special arrangement.
Name: Whiskey Yong
Message: I received the package today. Installed on the KT-88Z. The make is wonderful. Will it be too hot to hold those tubes? It is too hot for my touch.

Sound wise, just an initial impression, is quieter and more snappy. Seem more bass too. I like the improvement.

Webmaster's reply: Don't worry about the heat with HAL-O III, no matter how hot your tubes run.


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