-Guitar Amp UltraSonic Comments-

Name: Russell R.
Message: Just to report that my combo amp is sounding great now. It wasn't cheap to buy 5 dampers but it is finally quiet so thanks!

Seems as if a manufacturer of Rivera's stature should include your product in the kit when selling a $1700 combo amp! Those stainless steel tube covers with the damping foam inside are a joke...

Name: CS Weldon
Message: These things are so useful, I just ordered a second set! Thanks for making such a great product!
Name: David Leonard
Message: Wow! I just put some of your tube dampers on the power tubes of my electric guitar amp. The microphonics are gone and the sound is much tighter. Unfortunately, they don't help me play better, but I sure do sound better. Biggest improvement I have made to my amp for the price.

Name: George Pettas
Message: Your Guitar amp Tube dampers work wonders in every condition, light or severe and do subtract great amount of vibration. I have tried them first with Siemens Cca (1962), as most tend to be microphonic, but the most amzing thing is they work extremely well with Amperex USN-CEP 7308 (1964) and Philips Miniwatt E88CC SQ (1961) on my SF Power 2.

They do sound different from Ultrasonics and Pre Amp ones and after extensive listening and some period to break in, i can say that the correct combination, with your tube dampers will definitaly do the trick musically. GO THE HERBIE TREATMENT ALL THE WAY. Thank you again for giving such a joy to all audiophiles.
Name: Rick Cameron
Message: Just installed the tube dampers in my '93 Fender Super Amp and they did everything that was advertised. It seldom that things work out that well. The rattle stopped and the tone is great. The guys in our band appreciate it as well. Thanks Rick C.


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