grungebuster Turntable Mat:

grungebuster Turntable Mat / Rega P9
Photo courtesy of Hernani Araujo     

Provides exceptional synergy with matless acrylic-platter turntables like vintage acrylic-platter VPI Scout that are designed to couple the record to an acrylic platter with a clamp. Although manufacturers generally recommend these turntables be used without a mat, our customers have found the grungebuster Turntable Mat brings out significant sonic improvements, oftentimes without a need for the clamp. Also a superior upgrade for Rega P9 ceramic-platter turntables.

Comparative testing with various types of turntables have shown that Herbie's hand-made, super-fidelity grungebuster mat is as sonically natural as the highly acclaimed Way Excellent II Turntable Mat, as quick as Boston Audio's graphite mat, as responsive as Mystic Mat – ascending to a new plateau of analog musical playback, unsurpassed by anything else.

Comprised of a full-size circle of Herbie's grungebuster isolation material. Textured surface grips records yet allows records to lift right off. With drastic reduction of micro-vibrations, with the vinyl held virtually "motionless" in its rotation, with lateral slippage nonexistent, your records will achieve a new level of superior playback. Can be used with or without a record clamp or weight.

Overall mat thickness: 1.6mm; diameter: 11.6" (29.5 cm); weight: 135 grams (4.75 oz.).

grungebuster Turntable Mat: Recommended for VPI and other "matless" acrylic-platter turntables, and Rega P9 ceramic platter (works very well with Rega P7 and RP10, also).


Custom Center Hole:
Herbie's grungebuster Turntable Mat is available with custom center hole up to 2" diameter. Simply designate in the "comments" section of the order form the center hole diameter you would like, in either inches or millimeters. Standard spindle hole is 9/32" (7.14mm).

VPI Spindle Washer:
Upgrade grungebuster spindle washer is your choice of standard 1/8" (3.2mm) thick, thinner 1/16" (1.6mm), or custom 2.2mm; 1.25" diameter, with 7mm center hole.
$5.49 ea.

"The Grungebuster mat is a spectacular upgrade to my HRX 30 lbs. super platter. It did eliminate the micro vibrations to my amazement and creating a rock solid sound imaging and a deep-wide soundstage. The musicians are wall-to-wall in session from the records.

You do have to redial in to the new VTA on your tonearm (easy to do on my Graham Supreme) to get the perfect results. And the Grungebuster will provide the exceptional isolation stability of a precision component to make it sweet sounding. I am quite taken back when it hit that precise sweet VTA spot. Pure silk smoothness, expensive open sounding without any brightness and glare. The 3D dimensional details that surround each musician is eye-opening.

More importantly the Grungebuster did not shift or subtract frequency details in the sound spectrum. I am very please its not a tone control device, just a record vibration killer. There is no slippage while spinning the LP. I can deep clean my record with a brush without dragging like the bad old days. This no-slippage is griping the record to a stable accurate speed and produces a stunning rhythm and pace to all my music. Itís live indeed.

This is a great upgrade to the VPI HRX Rim Drive Reference turntable. " –Morgan Hew, Studio City, CA

"I've spent the last two years trying to find the best mat for my table. I have a VPI Scout 2 with Signature arm, so I have VTA adjustment. I have tried products from Mapleshade, Funk Firm, and now Herbie's. The best combo I have discovered is a 5 mm Funk Achromat with Herbie's grungebuster on top. Almost total silence. Even my older, noisier records are now quiet. It's unbelievable! Throw in a couple of pairs of Herbie's interconnect dampers on my phono RCA connects, and I hear nothing but smoooooooth tunes! This is it!" –Andrew Fletcher, Greenville, NC

"Just received my Grungebuster mat and on my VPI Prime it sounds better than my Way Excellent 4mm mat (which was no slouch). Keep up the good work." –Robert D., Tennessee

"I received the grungebuster in perfect shape and have been using it on my Rega P7, admiring not only how it perfectly matches the platter but also the increased musicality of the turntable, which was considerably enjoyable even without your mat. Your product is aptly named; the slight haze in vocals and various instruments is gone where I thought it was endemic to the recording itself, it's like a slight adjustment where everything comes into perfect focus, allowing the cartridge to more faithfully extract the music in the groove. I'm still discovering nuances in recordings I've listened to hundreds of times. At the very least I'm enjoying my records just a bit more, thank you.

"I'm looking forward to this continuing re-discovery of familiar music and enhanced enjoyment of whatever new titles I might choose to listen to. Even less-than-stellar recordings are improved :)"

–Mark Reed, Camas, Washington

"The mat arrived in great shape, fits well and is doing a great job on my VPI HW MK IV turntable. Thanks again!" –Mike Alazard, Las Vegas, Nevada

"My Musical Fidelity M1 turntable sounds so much better with the mat. And even better still with the mat and clamp. The acrylic platter has an impression at the label area; I made some paper shims to put there so the grungebuster mat lays flat. The result with the mat is really impressive, so much better than just the bare platter. It's just about plain amazing." –Sam Tarantino, Monterey, California

"I'm quite happy with the mat. It replaced a much more expensive Goldmund Relief Mat which it bettered. My turntable is a Micro Seiki RX-1500 (bronze platter), so you can add that model to the list of satisfied owners using your grungebuster mat." –Bengt Årstad, Sweden

"The grungebuster mat works really great on the VPI TNT. It's faster, with super detail and exceptional microdynamics." –Mark Dinshaw, Canada

The grungebuster arrived two days ago. My REGA P9 thanks-you." –Carlo Magistrelli, Arcola, Italy

"I've tried several mats on my Nottingham Space Deck and nothing beats the Boston Audio Mat 1 (including Herbie's Way Excellent Mat). Based on the recommendation of a friend, I bought a grungebuster mat, expecting to return it for my money back. Guess what? It beats the Mat 1! Just a little smoother, nicer somehow. But still with all the detail and punch that I like." –Ken Knight, Chicago, Illinois

"I have just received the Mat for my P9. Firstly, I would like to point out your attention during all our negotiation. You are a really professional seller. So, after listening the first music with the mat installed I noted the clear sonic improvement I got. Much better bass, better soundstage and image. Incredible!!! In additional, it is a such beautiful product that I can not think about using the original mat. I will strongly recommend your product to all my friends." –Hernani Araujo, São Paulo, Brazil

"The grungebuster turntable mat is excellent. Everything is more detailed. The bass is tighter and deeper. Instruments are more focused in a more solid sound stage. The rhythm of the music is more apparent. (Using with Linn LP-12)" –Michael Carr, Newcastle, Ireland

"On my VPI Scout, I A/B tested the grungebuster Turntable Mat against the 'Way Excellent' mat. I'm keeping the grungebuster and returning the 'Way Excellent' mat." –J.C., Dayton, Nevada

"Some thoughts on the grungebuster TT mat. On my Scoutmaster the best combination is using the mat with the peripheral ring and the supersonic record stabilizer. Performance can be further improved by replacing the VPI supplied rubber washer with a quarter inch grungebuster washer (1-1/4" o.d., 1.6mm thick). I tried the mat, etc without the washer and decided that the sound was more live and transparent with the washer. I am no longer using the VPI centre weight." –Lee-Sai Choo, Australia

"Just to let you know I'm useing the gangbuster mat ( which replaces a funk firm 3mm mat) I was and still am a fan of that mat ( I also have the 5mm mat by them ) BUT your Gangbuster mat Is a real joy on My VPI scout, it'll see Many vinyl moments. For those that need to know, I'm useing the stainless clamp from VPI as well as Their washer. Also a Grado Master statement cart." –Paul Murro, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Just received the MAT and there really is something magical in this accessory, its incredible sound stage, broad, deep and serious, always articulate and clean. Congratulations on the equipment!" –Fernando Sampaio, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

"I've just tested the new Grungebuster and I think it's fantastic! Vocals and instruments sound more spacious, more airy. Bass is tighter. (VPI Scoutmaster)" –Robert De Bueger, Haarlem, Netherlands

"I just had a chance to try out the grungebuster mat – I use it with a speedmat on top – the combination offers stunning dynamics and detail together with perfect smoothness and no fatigue. Great, deep soundstage, too! Just about perfect on my P9!" –Dimitry Zarkh, Waltham, Massachusetts

"Well, Steve, I like the Grungebuster on my Roksan Radius 5 tt, so I'm a believer." –John Bitwinski, Utah

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