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Name: Alvin
Message: Which is the best mat for the Rega RP10? The Grungebuster? Lastly, would the standard spindle hole fits? Thanks

Webmaster's reply: Way Excellent II-2mm and grungebuster mats both do superbly with Rega RP10 tables. However, one or two customers who have auditioned both have expressed a preference for the grungebuster mat (with standard spindle hole).
Name: Desmond
Message: What mat would you recommend for a music hall mmf-9.1? I generally like the bare acrylic with my sona reflex record clamp, and I would like to continue using that clamp. Just want to get max performance!

Webmaster's reply: Way Excellent II-2mm and grungebuster Turntable Mats both do very well with acrylic-platter mmf-9.1. For use with the Sota Reflex clamp, you might prefer using the grungebuster Turntable Mat.
Name: Kevin
Message: Which mat do you recommend for a VPI Aries with aluminum platter?

Webmaster's reply: Full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat.
Name: Frank
Message: I have an original Well Tempered table that I've owned since the beginning. As you know, it has an acrylic platter. Considering all of your mats, and price no object, which mat would be the best from an overall sound standpoint?

Thanks for your reply in advance ...

Webmaster's reply: A Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat is recommended for classic Well Tempered turntables.
Name: Bill Rains
Message: I tried all kinds of mat's for my VPI Scoutmaster some did okay others a waste of time and not to mention money. Reluctantly I ordered a Grungebuster with the return policy in mind. Two days later it was delivered. Put my go to record on for it's recorded value and instantly I heard a significant difference. To make a long story short....everything tighten up more detail was present and just an overall enhancement. If you have a acrylic platter get one you won't be sorry.
Name: Jeff Glotzer
Message: Would the depression on the VPI platters require a shim under the Herbies mat to lay flat? I will be using the Herbies VPI spindle washer as well. Thanks for a quick response!

Webmaster's reply: We have lots and lots of customers using a grungebuster Turntable Mat on VPI platters with excellent results; never heard of anyone needing a shim or anything under the mat.
Name: John Whittaker
Message: My 2001 Teres kit turntable has a 2 3/4" thick acrylic platter, with the label area relieved about 3/32" and a 1 1/4" wide spacer over the spindle about 3/32" thick also. A reflex clamp is used to hold down and flatten records. I understand the Grungebuster mat would be recommended (?); so my question is: Would you recommend a custom cutout to clear the width of the spindle spacer; and what diameter? (29Nov2013)

Webmaster's reply: A full-size grungebuster Turntable Mat with standard center hole does fine with the Teres turntable, for use with or without the reflex clamp (most customers find you don't really need to use the clamp anymore with the grungebuster mat). Alternatively, if you like, you can order the grungebuster Turntable Mat with a 4-1/4" "Donut" center hole, having the label area open, and use a Herbie's "VPI Spindle Washer" (1 1/4" diameter and 1/8" thick, the same thickness as the grungebuster Turntable Mat) over the spindle spacer to avoid the mat sagging down into the recessed label area (the spindle washer would be needed only if you are using the clamp).
Name: Hal.
Message: Hi. I have a Clearaudio Ovation with a Delrin platter. Would the Grungebuster mat still be recommended for Delrin as it is for acrylic platters?


Webmaster's reply: The grungebuster Turntable Mat works superbly with Clearaudio Ovation/Delrin platters. A Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat has equal potential to do just as well with the Ovation turntable with Delrin platter.
Name: mi cah
Message: Which of your mats is the most suitable on thick aluminium platters(vpi classic 3) . I looking for a more sophisticated sound and staging thank you!

Webmaster's reply: Most turntables with thick aluminum platters do best with a Way Excellent II-3.7mm or 4mm Turntable Mat. The Classic 3 is not as susceptible to ringing and other anomalies as most semi-hollow cast-aluminum platters. For the Classic 3, a full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat is ideal, though a thicker mat can be used just as well so long as the thickness remains within the tonearm VTA-adjustment range.
Name: Doug Glover
Message: I have a Pro-Ject 10.1 do I need one and and will one work with the acrylic platter if so would the grungebuster be the best choice

Webmaster's reply: A full-size (295mm-diameter) Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat or grungebuster Turntable Mat both work very will with the Pro-Ject RPM 10.1, with neither being inherently superior with this turntable. Subtle comparative differences will vary from one system to another and according to personal taste/preference. You don't really need a mat, unless you want improved musical and sonic results and to realize more of the turntable's inherent potential. (Most of our customers using a Way Excellent II-2mm mat with RPM 10 and RPM 10.1 turntables find that you don't really need to use the record weight or clamp anymore.)
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