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Name: Paul Sanders, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Review: I put the gliders under the speakers (decided to forget about maple boards, at least for now). And, I immediately heard improvements, better bass response, and overall, smoother sound.

But, the final judgement is my wife's who is blessed with wonderful hearing. The system was playing when she got home from work, and I asked if she noticed anything about the music (Corelli Concerti Grossi). She said "yes, it sounds SWEETER." She couldn't articulate anything beyond "sweeter" because she's not into all the audio babble. But, believe me, the woman can HEAR!

Thank you!


I just completed some extensive tests, using all the conceivable combinations of the devices I own, under my speakers. Best combo by a significant margin is simply the Big Fat Gliders under the speakers and VPI weights on top of the speakers, supported by 4 smaller dots. The BFG are smoother, offer more inner detail, and overall clarity used alone, than any of the combos. The weights and dots on top enhance that in subtle ways.

The Black Diamonds sound "hard" and splashy to me now, no matter how and where I use them. I'll probably sell them, along with the maple boards.

Name: Robert Koch, Florida
Review: Nice improvement. (with Tyler D1 loudspeakers)

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