Giant Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider

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Name: David Hall, England
Review: Having cleared UK Customs now received & installed under my PMC Twenty 26 speakers & PMC Twenty Sub subwoofer. I have a carpeted suspended wooden floor & played Patrick Williams " Home Suite Home " new CD as my ' test ' disc. My whole listening experience has been uplifted -- bass , as expected , is fuller & extracts the optimum performance from these transmission line speakers but, unexpectedly treble & mid-range sing out just that bit more sweetly. Soundscape & stereo imaging also shows noticeable upgrade. Speaker also now easy to move & position perfectly for optimum performance. The gliders also lift the speakers a few centimeters more off the floor than spikes alone & I feel that this also adds to the sonic upgrade. Excellent packaging, fast shipping & manufacturing quality of product all adds to a ***** AAA customer experience -- Thank you , Herbie !

Name: Steven Yood
Review: Well, it's another brilliant success for your products in my systems. I finally got home to my reference system and got the giant gliders under the WATTs/Puppies and it was remarkable how much unrecognized haze was removed. instrumental separation and dimensionality (the quality of being 3d as opposed to a 2d cutout) were most noticably improved. I've been tweaking since the days when sorbothane discs were high tech. Your line is undoubtedly the biggest bang for the buck that I've yet encountered. I'm cheerfully plotting the next step in the 'Herbiefication' of my system, now. Thanks!


Name: Patrick Dillon, Austin, Texas
Review: Excerpt from Affordable$$Audio Issue #44, pages 18-21, "Tweaking the Vibes: Herbie's Audio Labs Component Feet and Stabilizers":

"Once positioned suitably, the speakers sang with a new voice, one that no longer sounded overripe and with a freed-up midrange that revealed details not obvious heretofore."

Name: John Markley
Review: I have been looking for this exact type of item. Looking forward to trying it out.

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