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Name: Patrick Cuddy, Alberta, Canada
Review: Just wanted to let you know that your tube dampers worked wonders on my amp, and I couldn't be happier! I have a new Fender Excelsior Pro that I bought for a recording project, and found out when I brought it home that they are famous for unbelievable tube rattle. I swapped out all the tubes, tightened everything down, still no luck. I love the amp, but there's no way I could record with it.

I received the tube dampers last week and finally had some time today to slap them on my JJ 6V6 power tubes, and the difference is incredible!!!! All the troublesome frequencies that were causing brutal rattle before now sounded crystal clear.......clean, dirty, loud, soft, the tubes are virtually silent now. Pretty remarkable considering the amp has a 15" speaker 2" away from the tubes!

These dampers have made my Excelsior a joy to play through and have ended weeks of frustration on my part. Best $35 I've spent in a long time, hands down.

Thanks a lot for the fantastic products and service, I will definitely be ordering from you again and will recommend your dampers to anyone with similar issues.



Name: Clive Meakins, Enjoy the
Review: The Herbie dampers killed microphonics stone dead.

(from review of Tram MkII preamp)

Name: Chris Ntaifotis, Crazy Tube Circuits
Review: I have received the damping instruments over a week now and all i can say is that i am more than satisfied. I installed it on the first preamp tube and microphonics are long gone but i can tell for sure (had to wait for a week just to be sure i was not on a honeymoon period) that i like the sound of the amp better now. It's clearer and more focused.

Thank you for a great product. I shall use it in all my amp designs and recommend it to all of my customers.

Name: Steve Smith, L.A., Calif.
Review: Just wanted to say thanks for the tube dampers. I had filament rattle in one of my power tubes in my guitar amp and these solved the problem immediately. And the sound seems to have improved as well. Well done.

Name: Erich Seehafer, Waldorf, Maryland
Review: I want to say thanks and tell you how much I'm enjoying the damping rings I recently purchased. I've been playing guitar for just over forty years now, and I've always enjoyed the sound of the good old tube amps such as those made by Fender (in particular), Marshall, and Hiwatt. I played professionally for quite a few years and am very familiar with the tonal characteristics and performance capabilities of these amps. I love tweaks; over the years I've made some enhancements. By replacing and upgrading the speaker wire in my Hot Rod Deluxe I achieved an improvement in tone and output. Paying attention to biasing helps also. Now, the single biggest difference happened when I slipped five damping rings onto my little Fender's tubes. The gain noise that has always been a part of my amps has all but vanished; that in itself is huge. Equally important is the tonal change: highs are less strident, plenty bright and, to me, more pleasing sounding. Mids are wonderful, can't ask for anything more in that range. Bass now has an organic sound and feel to it; hope this makes sense, but that's how I'm perceiving it, very cool. I'm getting the word out to my fellow guitar players, most like me, fiftysomethings who think they've heard it all. Wait 'til they hear the difference!

Name: Rich Rosten, Yorktown Heights, New York
Review: Thanks for everything. They arrived the other day, and have eliminated 99.9% of my tube rattle problem. I wasn't expecting them to work as well as they do.

Name: Bruce Mark, Olathe, Kansas
Review: I have a couple sets of dampers from you for my power tubes in my Fender Deville and love them!

Name: Ryan ODea, San Clemente, California
Review: I am blown away with the sonic 35s I got in the mail today. I was getting pretty bad tube rattle on my JJ 6L6 tubes in my Deville 410, and your product completely solved it! Thanks!

Name: Rev. Terry Davidson, Baulkham Hills, Australia
Review: I had trouble with microphonics, with the EF86 pentode tube in my guitar amp no matter how many tubes I tried. So I thought I'd experiment with your tube damping device. I have just slipped it over the tube and what a difference, the microphonics are minimized but surprisingly the sound is more focused and detailed.

Name: Michael Campbell, Lasswade, U.K.
Review: I've been using five UltraSonic 9 Damping Instruments in my Fender Blues Junior for several weeks now and would like to take this opportunity of letting you know that I am more than satisfied with the results!

I confess this started off as an experiment as I had just swapped out all 5 Groove tubes for their 'JJ' equivalents. When I received the Junior, I felt that the hum and hiss levels were unacceptable. Also there was quite distracting microphony (at first I attributed this to the spring reverb) while playing certain notes. The tube replacements resolved most of these issues but, at the back of my mind, there nagged that link on the Eurotubes site to your damping instruments. So, I decided to go that extra mile and place the order.

Well, to say I was amazed at the results is an understatement, and that was even before the dampers had had time to 'bed in'. The improvent to the clarity of the sound is, to my ears, extraordinary. These units do everything you say and, while the results from the Junior were very good prior to taking this additional step, I now feel I have the marriage of dreams between my Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster and the 15 W Fender Blues Junior.

Anyway, thank you very much and thanks also for the excellent service. You've made a 60+ year old guy very happy indeed!

Name: Korey Hicks, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Review: My Dr. Z Carmen Ghia guitar amp rattled like crazy, and drove me absolutely nuts. I put those dampers on there, and the buzz went COMPLETELY AWAY!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Name: Pete
Review: I have a pair of your dampers on my old Pro Reverb (6L6's) and they really help.

Name: Kevin Ledbetter, Fremont, California
Review: Thanks for getting the damping rings to me. They really work well on the tubes in my guitar amps. I put them on 2 tubes that would whistle when they got warmed up and I turned the amp up. After putting on the rings they were dead quiet. I will be putting them on all my equipment.

Name: Mark Ransom, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
Review: The UltraSonic 9 arrived today. Thanks for the quick turn around. I'm using the damper ring in a 40 watt guitar amp. The original intent was to attempt to kill a obnoxious rattle when 'A flat' was fretted at moderate to loud volume. The ring took care of the rattle about 90%. An unexpected improvement in overall clarity also took place. My amp sounded very good before. Now it's sounds 'luscious'. Very happy!

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