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Name: Ken Wong, Australia
Review: The packaging was great and the delivery was fast form USA to Australia.
These decouplers are for a new to me pair of Avantgarde Duo Omega speakers.
I have had them for about 3 months and have been tuning them for optimal sound for about two months now in my dedicated audio room. These speakers are a nightmare to tune as there is so much that can be adjusted.
I am very happy to say that this upgrade increased the clarity of the sound by a great deal. I did not expect this much of an improvement. I would rate this as the best value to improvement ratio in my system. And if I was not comparing costs, it would rank either 1st or 2nd as the biggest improvement I've seen since upgrading almost everything in my system.

Name: Bob Van der Splinter, Rijswijk, Netherlands
Review: Enjoying the music without boombass. Gives a more relaxed sound so you can listen for hours.

Thank you for a great product.

Name: Tim Crux, United Kingdom
Review: There's Black Magic at play here!!
Seriously, these have just arrived (7 days delay caused by UK Customs, $60 duty - ouch!) and the transformation to the bottom end of my system is nothing short of miraculous. Out with the granite slabs, in with the gliders, and all vestiges of the bass resonation that's been plaguing me has vanished.
My speakers are ProAc K6s, onto a suspended wooden planked floor over a 6' void. The spikes and slabs did a pretty good job, but these gliders, apart from being far more aesthetically pleasing, have truly hit the spot.
Best £200 I've ever spent on the hi-fi, I cannot recommend these enough. Last, but not least, terrific service from Herbies. Swift despatch, great communications, and even a refund on part of my postage. Fantastic!

Name: Bhupi Jain, Doha, Qatar
Review: Overall excellent, well priced products backed by superb service. The advice from Robert was honest and prompt, much appreciated by a novice like me!

I initially ordered the cone spike gliders, steel base to place underneath the spikes of my KEF Reference 205/2s placed on a tiled floor. Though sounding great originally, the speakers became very focused with the gliders and the brightness was well channeled with amazing improvement in instrument separation. I experimented by placing the gliders only under one speaker and the comparison between the two speakers sound was startling.

Subsequently I placed big extra firm tenderfeet underneath my McIntosh MA7900 integrated amp, followed by big soft tenderfeet underneath my Marantz SACD player as well as the Clearaudio Concept moving coil turntable.

Overall result: exquisite well balanced sound on top of as is beautiful sonics. Robert's advice was superb and saved me from considerable hassle and expense. The delivery was prompt more so as I am based abroad.

I strongly recommend herbie products.

Apart from the above, I am using Analysis Plus interconnects and speaker cables, and Russ Andrews power cords. These are awesome add ons and Herbie's feet have completed my audio set up in a very inexpensive manner.

Name: Russell Reising, Toledo
Review: Just got my decoupling gliders, which have made a huge difference in my system. I have Martin Logan Summit X speakers (which include both forward and bottom firing subwoofers), and, before adding the decouplers, I could see the planks of my hardwood flooring vibrating significantly when I played something with heavy bass. With the decouplers, there isn't a trace of vibration coming from the floors, and the sound is much tighter, firmer, and authoritative. Good work!

Name: James Patterson, Hollywood, California
Review: I received the Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders - I have a pair of Dynaudio C1 Signatures, on spiked stands, on a hardwood floor. I was having trouble with some serious bass resonance in my 18í x 11í room. I thought it was just my room resonating (the dimensions of my room are approximately the wavelengths of 63Hz x 100Hz), but I felt the floor around the speaker stands and could feel it vibrating a bit. The spikes do taper down to a small point, but vibration transfers very efficiently between solids :-)

So I took a shot with your gliders. Man, what huge difference! I didnít realize how much the floor was resonating! Putting the gliders under the spikes cleaned up the low end in my room immensely. Huge, huge improvement. Thanks for making them!

Name: Stharling Toribio, New York
Review: I been an audiophile for quite some time now and really like this hobby and i enjoyed every second i spent playing with my system, but i didn't know about how important is isolation for the towers, i'm totally surprise with the improvements in the sound, its night and day differences, unbelievable differences, the sound quality has improved all around overall performance sounding more tight and punchy bass, way more open and articulate, everything sound better now!! Well i don't even know how this work but i know it works, this is what i needed for my system sound 10 out of 10, i always feel there was something missing in the sound quality and i didn't know was the isolation. i'm very happy with my purchase and this is an outstanding product. Thank you so much steve.

Name: S. A.
Review: The improvement the cone/spike decouplers made to my system are way out of sight compared to the cost of the them. If you are thinking of trying them out, go for it - you won't be disappointed with the results !
Thanks Steve.

Name: H Mijovic, Zagreb, Croatia
Review: I just put Cone Spike decoupling Base only under my Speakers spikes cones.
Its similar to fat dots which i use between Speakers and Stands. Big improvement. More clear sound, especially bass, but also mids and highs. More depth. More music. My floor is wooden so maybe vibrate a lot but i think it works on any kind of floor. I will also use that under my rack. I ordered base only because i have steel cones already but Herbie Gliders will be more practical for moving Speakers around. And also i switched few years ago from aluminium cones to steel and there was improvement in sound - in bass. So cones and decoupling matters. Big and fantastic improvement. Very easy to hear. I will order 8 more just for reserve;)

Name: Przemyslaw S
Review: I just installed 8 pcs of Titanium gliders under the spikes of my Franco Serblin Ktema loudspeakers replacing original factory pads.

Difference in sound is obvious and audible from the first notes. Not only bass but whole range sounds fuller and more articulated. Sound has more weight, harmonics and body. A bit warmer presentation - just a bit toward old original Sonus Faber house sound - a very pleasant to listen.

At first moment I was not sure if the gliders do not slower the attack a bit and making a bit rounder leading edges. After making few back and forth comparisons with original pads I concluded that the gliders are overall clearly better.

Great product! Thank you!

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