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Herbie's Tenderfoot

Component Isolation

Vacuum tubes are not the only components that suffer from distortions caused by microphonic vibrations. Capacitors and other electronics produce distorted signals in the presence of vibrations, adding fuzz, glare, sibilance, and other anomalies to the musical signal. Micro-electronic devices and processors in today's digital gear are acutely susceptible to these distortions.

Reduction of analog distortions caused by microphonic vibrations results in a more natural musical realism. The enhancement is a definite upgrade to a higher realm of audio appreciation.

Unlike rubbery feet that tend to dull higher frequencies and cause ill-defined or "bloopy" bass - or metals, ceramics, graphite and other rigid coupling devices that produce unique sonic signatures and harsh dynamics, Herbie's proprietary contra-vibrational products allow your components to deliver the goods as they are engineered to do.

"It is very important to treat vibrations, both micro and macro vibrations in source gear and these products are truly great." -Dan Wright, Modwright Instruments

Positive Feedback Online Writers' Choice Award

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Tenderfoot: Herbie's overall best, most versatile, most popular footer!




Tenderfoot can be used either side up.

Tenderfoot: Individually molded with a proprietary platinum-cure silicone blend formulated in-house in consultation with Wacker Chemie AG of Germany for maximum micro-vibration absorption. Recommended for audio and video components weighing from 2 to 220 pounds (100kg).

Particularly well-suited for CD/DVD and SACD players, DACs, Blu-ray Players, preamps, power supplies and conditioners, turntables, and power amplifiers. Delivers a full-bodied and quick, highly articulate result with amazing linear extension. Works equally well with solid-state and tube components. Does not "ooze," mar, or discolor surfaces. A thin decoupling grungebuster Dot is adhered to the base of each Tenderfoot.

Two versions available:

TenderSoft: for components weighing 40 pounds or less (18kg)

Extra-Firm: for components weighing more than 40 pounds, up to 220 pounds (100kg).

(Ideal weight-handling range of the two versions overlap somewhat. 40 lbs. is mid-point of overlapping capacities.)

Dimensions: 1.1" x 1.1" x .65" tall. (28mm x 16.5mm). Default recommendation: four Tenderfoot isolation feet per component.

Though scarcely ever really needed, pressure-sensitive adhesive is an available option.

Affordable Audio Best of 2009


TenderSoft or Extra-Firm: $1449 ea.

( 8 or more: $1399 ea.)

Tenderfoot isolation feet work best in direct, intimate contact with the bottom of the component chassis, not under the factory feet.

Tenderfoot isolation feet are the stock footers used with Purity Audio Design Statement Series preamps ($19,495-$31,995), Purity Series preamps ($25,995-$52,995), and new PS300B Ultra mono bloc amps.

Big Tall Tenderfoot: Big and Beefy, yet as delicate as a butterfly

Big Tall Tenderfoot

Big Tall Tenderfoot: Same as above except molded extra tall to lift components free of tall factory feet. Also great for turntables having severe footfall or other macro-vibrational issues. Superior upgrade for AR, Thorens, and VPI suspension springs.

Two versions available:

TenderSoft: for components weighing 40 pounds or less (18kg).

Extra-Firm: for components weighing more than 40 pounds, up to 220 pounds (100kg).

Dimensions: 1.18" x 1.18" x 1.02" tall. (30mm x 30mm x 25.9mm)

Big Tall Tenderfoot

TenderSoft or Extra-Firm: $1649 ea.

( 8 or more: $1599 ea.)

Iso-Cup: State-of-the-art amplifier performance

Iso-Cup w/SuperSonic Hardball


SuperSonic Hardball

SuperSonic Hardball

Herbie's Iso-Cups are formulated to address vibration problems unique to audio amplifiers, such as transformer vibration, tube sensitivity, and proximity of microphonics-sensitive capacitors to chassis vibrations, to bring out more of the amplifiers' inherent dynamics. Although Iso-Cups are particularly effective with open-chassis tube amplifiers, they provide superb isolation and decoupling for other audio and video components also, both tube and solid-state.

Iso-Cups maintain a linear frequency response with full-bodied dynamics and texture, punctual bass, intricate highs, smooth dynamics with plenty of punch and detail. Isolates amplifier-borne vibrations from penetrating the audio rack to contaminate the sonic integrity of other components, and vice-versa.

Iso-Cup: Firm yet compliant silicone-based formulation holds 1" ball firmly in place; ball will not roll.

SuperSonic Hardball: Compressed composite of metallic powders, carbon microfibers and polymers, this proprietary 1" ball is formulated to achieve the most sonically neutral and linear results possible. With no discernible coloration or "character," SuperSonic Hardball, together with Iso-Cup base, is sonically more natural and lifelike than any of the hundreds of materials we've tested, including exotic ceramics and metal alloys, gemstones, polymers, high-performance plastics, and hardwoods. Provides fast, punctual dynamics with unsurpassed musicality and tonal realism.

Recommended for amplifiers weighing from 20 to 300 pounds (9 kg to 136 kg). For amps weighing less than 20 pounds, use Tenderfoot isolation feet.

Dimensions: Iso-Cup and 1" ball: 1.5" wide by 1.4" tall (38.5mm x 35.6mm).

Iso-Cup w/SuperSonic Hardball

$2949 ea.

( 8 or more: $2895 ea.)

Iso-Cup Only: $1749 ea.

(8 or more: $1698 ea.)

SuperSonic Hardball only: $1249 ea.

(8 or more: $1198 ea.)

Specialty Feet:
Titanium Hush Puckie Cone/Spike Isolation Bases
Soft Fat Dot Soft Fat Dots
Low-profile footers
Baby Booties Baby Bootie
For tiny components
grungebuster IsoBall w/stainless steel base Herbie's IsoBall
Turntable isolation

Component Top Weight

SuperSonic Stabilizer SuperSonic Stabilizer

Which feet to choose?

Because there are so many system variables involved with audio reproduction, it's not always possible to predict which isolation product will work best in any given situation. Recommendations listed above are generalized only, not exclusive. Herbie's isolation feet, however, perform superbly over a broad range of audio parameters. They are not too picky about what kind of rack, shelf, or weight load they are working with. All perform the same function: to reduce microphonic vibrations and hold electronic components firmly so that the true potential of those components can be revealed. Virtually all audio and video components perform superbly with Tenderfoot isolation feet, our default component recommendation. (For loudspeaker isolation, we recommend Herbie's dBNeutralizer-based products.)

What it is:

Herbie's isolation materials are proprietary blends of silicone-based elastomers with varying compliance and firmness qualities. Herbie's compounds are not dependent on a precise weight load to be most effective. They are equally effective under a wide range of weight and, because of their loosely cross-linked structure, have little or no resonant "coloration." Invented and formulated solely for audio and video applications, these unique materials are unsurpassed in their ability to absorb micro-vibrations and reduce audio distortion. Materials are residue-free, with excellent dielectric properties.

Herbie's SuperSonic fluorocarbons are proprietary composites developed for absolute sonic neutrality and vibration-absorbing ability.

dBNeutralizer(tm) is a composite of platinum-cured silicones with barium sulfate and silica fillers.


(Shore A durometer)
(per footer)
component weight:
Weight: Resistivity:
Temperature Range:
28 1/2 to 20 lbs
(1/4 to 9kg)
50 lbs/4 footers
75 lbs/5 footers
12 grams 1015
−80ºF to 420ºF
(−62ºC to 216ºC)
50 4 to 100 lbs
(2 to 45kg)
220 lbs/4 footers
300 lbs/5 footers
12 grams 1015
−80ºF to 420ºF
(−62ºC to 216ºC)
Iso-Cup 80 4 to 140 lbs
(2 to 64kg)
300 lbs/3 Iso-Cups
400 lbs/4 Iso-Cups
24 grams 1015
−20ºF to 400ºF
(−30ºC to 204ºC)
Stabilizer 94 0 to 500 lbs
(to 225 kg)
supports 500 lbs
stabilizes 24 pounds**
156 grams 104
−450ºF to 500ºF
(−268ºC to 260ºC)
*Considers component weight is often unevenly distributed and other factors.
**In conjunction with compliant feet; actual result will vary depending on chassis thickness and other factors.

90-day money-back trial period. Lifetime Warranty! Herbie's isolation feet are guaranteed to improve the performance of audio and video components by reducing vibration-induced distortion. Give them a try - you'll be surprised how great-sounding your present equipment is!

Bang for the buck!Herbie's Audio Lab offers low prices, high value!

All parts and materials made in USA


Name: Rich
Message: I am considering adhesive backed baby booties as footers for external crossovers that weigh about 4-5 pounds each. Would 4 on each be the best approach?

Webmaster's reply: Sure, four Baby Booties under each crossover should do very well. Alternatively, four small Extra-Thick grungebuster Dots would do very well also.
Name: Josh
Message: Hello, I'm relatively new to all of the Audiophile nuances and equipment articulation. I was considering other products for system isolation, however you all seem to know what's really going on. I'd like a recommendation for a 50 lb tube integrated as well as a 5 lb aluminum alloy dac and 1 lb digital transport. I realize the tenderfoot seems to be the drug of choice for most, however I'm considering the iso-cup with super sonic hard ball, or the medicine ball.. gosh you seem to have a lot of solution options... What should I do to make those transformations I'm reading other to have experienced happen to me?

Webmaster's reply: Hi, Josh. I recommend four Extra-Firm Tenderfoot isolation feet for the amp and four TenderSoft Tenderfeet each for the DAC and transport. Optional Big Tall version of Tenderfeet is available just if you need the extra height to lift the component free of its stock feet.

Iso-Cups w/SuperSonic Hardball usually do very well with amplifiers and other components, especially tube amps--with an integrated, Tenderfoot isolation feet are the
more sure bet, though. Regardless, sonic differences between Iso-Cups and Tenderfeet will vary somewhat from one system to another, according to system variables
and synergies and according to personal preference/taste, with neither having any inherent superiority over the other.

A damping instrument on each of the amp tubes is also highly beneficial (if output power tubes, an appropriate UltraSonic Rx is recommended for each; for most
input/driver tubes, UltraSonic SS or UltraSonic Rx can be used) with excellent results.

MedicinBalls are primarily for Gingko platforms, an upgrade from the rubber
Gingko balls. For most audio components, Tenderfoot isolation feet are ideal, especialy DACs and CD players.

Our website descriptions and recommendations are simple and straightforward. Isolating your audio components (speakers, too), when done properly, brings
out more of the inherent potential of the audio gear you already have, rendering a musical reproduction that's more faithful to the originally recorded event.
Name: Fernando Martins
Message: Dear Herbie,

I have 2 components to isolate : SLI-80 integrate amplifier and a CD Player 303 T pró. What's you recomend ?


Webmaster's reply: Four Tenderfoot isolation feet under each component (Big Tall version if you need the extra height to lift the component free of the stock feet). A SuperSonic Stabilizer or two on top of each component is additionally beneficial.
Name: Santhosh
Message: I love the Way Excellent II 2mm turntable mat and big tall tenderfoots I purchased. The severe footfalls that degraded the music when anyone walked into or out of the music room has largely stopped. I have placed them under my turntable (Project carbon debut) body and the turntable feet are very slightly lifted off the surface. Have I set it correctly? Or do I need to remove the turntable feet?

Webmaster's reply: As long as the stock feet are not touching the shelf or just scarcely touching without holding any of the weight, you're fine and shouldn't have to remove the stock feet. Removing the stock feet allows greater versatility for placement of the Tenderfoot isolation feet, but is usually not necessary. Tenderfeet can be given a height boost, if you like, by placing felt, cardboard, hardwood, or other material under them.
Name: Joe
Message: I just received the tenderfeet, stabilizer wights and way excellent II mat. It solved all my issues with the turntable and now plays at all volumes without vibration / rumble. Thanks, they are awesome.
Name: Nathaniel Jackson
Message: Good Day,

I am interested in your "Tenderfoot isolation feet".

Thank You.

Name: Joe
Message: I have a Rega P3 turntable mounted on a wall shelf. It has a bass rumble at higher volumes due to sound waves vibrating table. Current feet are stock Rega. Will Tenderfeet and stabilizers allow me to get additional volume by taking vibration out of TT? (4 tenderfeet beneeth and 2 stabilizers on top) I find Incan hold TT and take rumble out. Have a Peachtree Nova preamp, a NAD C370 amp, Klipsch Reference Sub, and Martin Logan ESL's. System has much more headroom but turntable rumbles too much (any is too much) to use it.

Webmaster's reply: Sure, Joe. Four Tenderfoot isolation feet and a Stabilizer or two should do very well. (Upgrading to a Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat would be highly worthwhile, too.)
Name: Dan
Message: Hi Steve,
Just replaced my Isocups with the superior decoupling spikes under the Garrard
301 and I am pleasantly surprised by the differences. The spikes do a much better job of sorting out small details and instrument placement in the soundstage. I wasn't expecting much of an improvement but in my particular setup it was very noticeable. The leading edges have a bit more bite and snap
And overall just sounds more livelier than with the Isocups. Thanks again!
Name: Ryan
Message: I'm looking to build a sandbox to place my Pro-Ject RPM Genie 1.3 on. Would the tenderfeet be a good thing to use at the base of the sandbox, between the sandbox and the table/shelf it will sit upon?

Thanks in advance,

Webmaster's reply: Sure, Tenderfoot isolation feet would do very well under the sandbox. Tenderfeet would most likely be put to better use, however, in direct contact with the bottom of the turntable, between turntable and hardwood slab imbedded on the sand. Use grungebuster Dots or Extra-Thick grungebuster Dots between sandbox and shelf (and between motor and hardwood slab, too).
Name: Luc
Message: Have some Quad 11L classic standmounts that are going to sit on a new entertainment unit that will run across an entire wall with 5 or 6 amps. 1 tube toploader cdp, 1 tube integrated and a 70's luxman tuner.

Questions: What can I put under the Quads? The amps bar the tube integrated will be on display only(blackface Sansui's) although they will be plugged in occasionally. The CDP (Raysonic) is the main source at the moment with an elderly Denon TT to come into use shortly.

They will all be on 50mm solid hardwood top so I just need some clues as to what to put underneath them with the speakers being the main concern.

Cheers Luc

Webmaster's reply: Four Square Fat Dots under each Quad should do very well, Tenderfoot isolation feet under each of the other components.
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