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Name: Michael
Message: Hi Steve,
Have recently purchased 4 Big Tall Tenderfeet to replace the stock adjustable Sorbothane feet on my VPI Classic. Am now wondering how best to level my turntable. It currently rests on a VTI rack with spike feet on a carpeted floor. To level the turntable would it be best to adjust the rack, the shelf or (somehow) the turntable itself?

Webmaster's reply: Whichever approach works for you.
Name: Fred
Message: Bonjour Steeve
Je poss├Ęde un PS audio Perfectwave regenerator courant p10 quel pieds me conseillerais vous ?

Webmaster's reply: Four Extra-Firm Tenderfoot.
Name: Joe Baity
Message: I have a TD 150 and have read where Big Tall Tenderfeet are used in place of the suspension springs. Does their use preclude any type of adjustment? And are they attached simply with the adhesive that comes with? And can I assume the tendersoft version is recommended?

Webmaster's reply: Either Extra-Firm or TenderSoft Big Tall Tenderfoot isolation feet can be used (Extra-Firm is our default recommendation). They're commonly used free-standing without any adhesive. No particular adjustments are needed in most cases.
Name: Paul Letteri
Message: Hello Steve I am just getting around to doing this. i have used your tube dampers for years the clarity and separation they bring is well worth the effort.

I have my dac lower in my rack and it music seemed a bit muffled at times.
I have had success with your tender feet before so I bought the soft ones
and a round stabilizer on top. Within a few songs that I know well and play often the low level detail was Noticably clearer and soundstage was more defined and open--for under $100 this was a no brainer . Actually after 24 hours, better still. Steve said they need to settle in and he was right. The Music now is more defined in every respect even when you turn the music up .
Name: DB
Message: Why are your products sooooooo expensive?

Webmaster's reply: Our products are mostly handmade, not mass-produced, with materials mostly custom-formulated, not off-the-shelf. We keep our prices as low as reasonably possible based on material costs and labor involved. Herbie's Audio Lab products are highly effective and provide superb bang-for-the-buck value by bringing out more of the best inherent potential of home audio and video systems.
Name: Philip B
Message: Are you suggesting in your description of Tenderfeet that they replace the spring/suspension in an AR turntable? I have a Merrill/(beefed up AR clone). If that indeed IS your meaning, would I t hold for the Merrill? Any specifics? Thanks. I am just now awaiting shipment of some Giant Fat Gliders for my Felton Pendragons and after taking them need to look to source components. Thanks again....

Webmaster's reply: Yes, the description means what it says. If the Merrill has similar suspension springs, Big Tall Tenderfeet can be used to replace the coil or Sorbothane stock springs.
Name: Kevin
Message: Hi, what isolation and stabilizer (if applicable) combos would you suggest for my following gear?

1) Audio Research SP14 preamp
2) M2tech Young DAC
3) Pioneer PD-59 CD Player
4) Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable

Webmaster's reply: Hi, Kevin. I recommend four Tenderfoot isolation feet for each of the components mentioned (refer to the product description and choose either TenderSoft or Extra-Firm, regular or Big Tall as applicable for each--Big Tall version only if you need the extra height to lift the component free of its stock feet). A SuperSonic Stabilizer or two on top of the preamp and CD player would be additionally beneficial. For the turntable, I recommend upgrading to a 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-3mm Turntable Mat. With the Way Excellent II mat, you shouldn't really need a Stabilizer or clamp, though either can be used at your preference.
Name: Bob
Message: Hi Steve,
I have ordered different products on at least 3 or 4 occasions in the past from you and are very pleased with your products. I have a high quality system including Classe CP-800 pre/Dac, CA-2300 power amp and CDP-202 player. Also, Magnum Dynalab MD-106 triode fm tuner and MD-609triode XM receiver and all the tubes have your dampers. I now decided to take out my 35 year old turntable (from storage), a Marantz 6200 and cleaned it. I replaced the belt and put a Shure M97xE cartridge and a Pro-ject USB V phono amp. There is no suspension left on the turntable, it just sits on it rubber feet. The sound is ok but does not even compare to the sound from the XM receiver. Do you think that it is worthwhile to invest to improve it's sound or am I better to purchase a new turntable like a Pro-ject carbon debut and replace the mat on it? I am not even sure that I will get back into listening a lot of vinyl as it is more work than just sitting back and use a remote. I also use a computer and download Hi-rez from HD Tracks. Thanks in advance for your advise.

Reply: The 6200 is a pretty nice table; assuming only occasional use, you'd probably be better off to fix it up a little. Allow lots of hours for the new cartridge to break in and work with VTA and tracking force to get best parameters working for you. Upgrading to a 4mm Way Excellent II Turntable Mat will help compensate for lack of suspension (and replace the suspension springs with Big Tall Tenderfeet, if applicable). Upgrading the footers to Tenderfeet would be beneficial as well. If you listen to much original analog-recorded vinyl, it's absolutely worthwhile fixing up to play vinyl. If you only listen to digitally mastered vinyl and/or digitally mixed or remastered re-issued lp's, you might be just as well to listen to digital sources, assuming you have excellent DAC/playback gear.
Name: Erazmo
Message: Hi,can you tell me how much will cost me 8 piece of Tenderfeet,I think it will be ok..I have Integrated Amp Musical Fidelity ,and CD Marantz,do you send it to Croatia...

Webmaster's reply: Total for eight Tenderfoot isolation feet with USPS Express Mail shipping to Croatia would be $153.55.
Name: Steve
Message: Hi, I spent the last year or so in fine tuning my power (cables, distribution box, fuses) and the last thing to do is vibration control/suppression. I have a NAD M51 dac and a Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp. Both components weighted around 10-12 pounds each. They are on glass shelves. What are you suggesting for my application? Thanks.

Webmaster's reply: Four Tenderfoot isolation feet under each of the components would be a good start.
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