Super Black Hole CD Mat

Super Black Hole!     


With super-thin carbon fiber top and soft medical implant-grade silicone on the bottom, the Super Black Hole improves the best features of the best CD mats and takes disc playback to a new plateau of high performance. By reducing micro-vibration in the CD spin during playback, laser-reading error is potentially reduced. (Error correction in audio CD discs is not perfect; it is algorithm-based "guessing," not binary like in data CDs). By damping the disc/clamp interface, micro-vibrations generated by spinning discs are hindered, keeping them from permeating throughout the player where capacitors, op-amps, micro-processors, and other sensitive parts can be adversely affected. In-house testing with original (discontinued) Black Hole CD Mat indicates much of the audible improvement is due to improved ambient soundwave phase relations.

Unlike the Millennium CD mat that slides around on discs, The Super Black Hole stays put until you remove it. While the Millennium CD mat does a great job sonically, it sometimes lacks compared to the full-spectrum dynamics provided by the Super Black Hole. A firm, intimate contact works better than a disc just laying on top, plus the silicone layer adds superior vibration-absorbing ability.

Unlike The Black Hole, the non-sticky, low-tack Super Black Hole does not use adhesive, so it can be perpetually transferred from one disc to another–forever! The rigid carbon fiber layer keeps the mat flat and firm.

Unlike the original full-size grungebuster CD mat, the Super Black Hole does not tend to catch air pockets under it and, with its smaller size, is easier to place on the disc. (We discovered years ago that a smaller mat that simply addresses the clamping/disc interface and hub area of the CD provides superior results).

Herbie's hand-made Super Black Hole is compatible with most drawer-loading and top-loading CD, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray players (not recommended for trayless slot-loaders or computer drives, not compatible with some "Watershield" discs).

2" diameter (50.8mm) by .024" (0.6mm) thick. Weight: 0.8 gram (0.03 oz.)

Super Black Hole CD Mat: $3450 ea.

CD Mat Test Results

grungebuster Black CD Mat:

grungebuster Black CD Mat

(silver edge is CD

beneath the mat; click

the photo for larger


For top-loaders and Stable Platters only. This is a 4.25" diameter mat intended to be used over and over again, transferred from one disc to another, or kept full-time on a stable platter (turntable-like platter). It has no adhesive; you just place it on top of the CD or DVD, label side, and play (requires compatible puck or clamping mechanism to hold it in place). Made with unique carbon microfiber-filled elastomer.

.020" thick. Weight: 7.7 grams.

grungebuster Black CD Mat
 $989 ea.



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Lifetime warranty. If anything ever goes wrong, simply return any Herbie's Audio Lab CD Mat and it will be repaired or replaced and returned to you at no cost.

All parts and materials made in USA


Name: Kurt Moniť Sweden
Message: Super Black Hole is real interesting product that noticeably improved the sound more focus tighter bass etc. Very happy with the product can really recomend the product a great sound enhancement .............
Name: Jon Arellano, Calgary, Canada
Message: I stop listening to all my CD collections thru my dedicated Headphone system due to sibilance and harshness on some recording. With the use of Black Hole CD Mat, now I'm enjoying the music from my high resolution headphone system. All the harshness and sibilance are gone, more details and the bass is awesome! This is a great product if you are listening to headphone. Thanks Steve for the great product!
Name: Terry Fugate
Message: I used to use the Marigo mat, but was never pleased with the results. The Super Black Hole mat (once I got used to centering it on the CDs when placed in the player) has been great. If I affixed it to the CD prior to doing so, it would skip repeatedly. Thanks for a great product at such a reasonable price!
Name: Nigel Groves, U.K.
Message: Just a quick note to than you for your usual high level of service. I have been evaluating the super black hole cd mat over the last week and I can confirm that it delivers the results you described. Over the years I've tried a number of different mats including the 'top' Marigo mat. From now on, I'll be using your mat- enough said !
Name: James Reitz
Message: I'm getting a second Super Black Hole--it's a great product!
Name: Bob Matthews
Message: Thanks for being so fast in getting this new stable platter mat out to me.

I really think that it is definitely an improvement over the old white color mat!

This one was much easier to center, and the edges did not stick out over the original platter. And, the CD's don't seem to stick to the mat either.

My Pioneer PD-65 Stable platter (turntable like) CD player never sounded so good!

Yesterday, my wife couldn't pry me out of my listening room!

Diana Krall and Chris Botti never sounded so good! The sound now is just completely SMOOTH!!!!, with great bass with extended depth! This mat takes out any existing harshness or shrillness completely! You would never know you were listening to a 10-15 year old CD player. It sounds as good as any 24 bit player I have ever heard!

So, thanks again for sending me the new mat so fast. Your shop is the "Best Kept Secret" in audio! Keep up the good work.

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