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Name: Alvaro
Message: Looking for a CD mat for a Nad drawer loading player i recently purchased
Wonder if the grungbuster black cd mat would work

Webmaster's reply: Though not recommended for drawer-loading players, the black CD mat works with some, not with others, even with players of the same make/model. Trial and audition is the only way to know.
Name: Dave
Message: Another happy customer with another product demo. I have tube dampeners, tall tenderfeet, sonic stabilizers, and now the SBH. I love all my Herbies Audio Lab Products! The SBH has opened up soundstage and 3D Imaging. Wow!!! Every Herbies product I have tried is like adding a component upgrade. I can't wait to continue purchasing more HAL products to totally tweak my Headfi System. Thank you for amazing products at great pricing.
Name: Kurt Moniť Sweden
Message: Super Black Hole is real interesting product that noticeably improved the sound more focus tighter bass etc. Very happy with the product can really recomend the product a great sound enhancement .............
Name: Jon Arellano, Calgary, Canada
Message: I stop listening to all my CD collections thru my dedicated Headphone system due to sibilance and harshness on some recording. With the use of Black Hole CD Mat, now I'm enjoying the music from my high resolution headphone system. All the harshness and sibilance are gone, more details and the bass is awesome! This is a great product if you are listening to headphone. Thanks Steve for the great product!
Name: Terry Fugate
Message: I used to use the Marigo mat, but was never pleased with the results. The Super Black Hole mat (once I got used to centering it on the CDs when placed in the player) has been great. If I affixed it to the CD prior to doing so, it would skip repeatedly. Thanks for a great product at such a reasonable price!
Name: Nigel Groves, U.K.
Message: Just a quick note to than you for your usual high level of service. I have been evaluating the super black hole cd mat over the last week and I can confirm that it delivers the results you described. Over the years I've tried a number of different mats including the 'top' Marigo mat. From now on, I'll be using your mat- enough said !
Name: James Reitz
Message: I'm getting a second Super Black Hole--it's a great product!


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