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Name: Hunter Robinson
Review: Damn. When I opened the package I thought these are definately going back. Too hard and too small to have any effect. It's embarrassing to be so wrong. Significantly more transparency-just what I wanted.
Thank you again (tube traps!) for a great product

Name: chambolle
Review: I just popped a set of small fat dots on a pair of small sonos play 1 speakers that are sitting on a long counter in my kitchen. Amazing! These used to have a muddy bottom end, not especially surprising given the small midrange/bass drivers. With the fat dots attached, the mud is gone, bass is far more agile and crisp - limited in depth by the driver size, of course, but no problem there as I have a pair of larger play 5s with a sub linked up in an adjoining great room.

Impressive. Best $40 investment in sound I've ever made, that's certain!

Name: Joseph Riden,
Review: All I can say is "Wow!" Even though I thought my system sounded very good, the introduction of Hush Puckies and Fat Dots on the Subwoofer and L & R speakers respectively, makes a very large gain for very small effort and cost. Everything I listen to for judging sonic performance has improved and the music is sounding more vibrant and true to life than ever. I especially appreciate the expanded soundstage and fuller instrument timbres. Also, now I can open up the volume in bass-heavy music without things breaking up. I've not heard such full, rich, and fast bass in a system I've owned before and I've been an audio guy since 1960. This new realism is jaw-dropping.

You probably get tired of hearing this from your fans but they are right -- anti-vibration done your way is not only a best buy in audio enhancement, any audio system out there can not reach it's true potential until it's properly treated. Thanks for delivering the goods.

Name: Stephen G. Colley, Westport, CT
Review: Got the big fat dots for placement under my stand legs today. They were intended to minimize footfall vibrations propagated from my suspended wooden floor to my furniture grade - but massively wobbly - audio stand. The problem was the turntable. It was on Grungebuster dots mounted on a 25 lb maple block, which had more Grungebuster dots between it and the stand. And the two layers of dots made a HUGE difference. But the vibration problem was still bad enough that more remediation was needed. And your big fat dots were AMAZINGLY effective at closing that gap!

I've been in audiophile quality audio for a number of decades. Snake oil is abundant. Likewise abundant are products that are effective, but only subtly so - and then at a great price. For my particular problem, your Big Fat Dots are the rare exception - an AMAZING improvement at a ridiculously low cost. Thank you!

I have not yet gotten really silly with testing how well these work - like jumping up and down on the floor while an LP is playing. But no amount of heavily walking back and forth in front of the stand is remotely audible. Wow! I could not be more impressed. Great product!

Name: Martyn Airey, Lancashire, UK
Review: Hi received my Herbies Square Fat Dots today. Tried them in my system between speaker and speaker stands and found that they made a terrific difference. They seem to tune the speaker top to bottom allowing the best sonic output. Bass, treble, sound-staging, focus and rhythm all showed worthwhile improvements. Very impressed and I highly recommend them.


Name: H. Mijovic
Review: I have Ultrasonic Rx Dampers on all my tubes in Cayin a55t amp and I am very happy with their influence on sound. I have NOS ecc82/83 and Genelex reissue KT88. I dont know why i waited few years to order more stuff from Herbies Audio Lab when it was obvious after Ultrasonic RX and making great audio rack that battle with vibrations is so important. Actually I know. I bought some other antivibration product (not from Herbie) for my cd player and it makes my sound worse. I will not mention its name here because maybe it will work for somebody else with different room and equipment. But now back to main thing! I am really amazed with Square Fat Dots. More resolution especially in bass and midbass. Bass lines are so easy to listen to. I have 1st order 2way speakers on really good original stands - Audio Epilog Peyote and they deliver truly hi end sound. They are great speakers and now they are even better. I think that any speaker on stands will benefit with Fat Dots, no matter expensive or cheap ones. I put 5 dots per speaker. I recommend Fat Dots as really outstanding product.

Name: Doug Brasier, Sydney, Australia
Review: I'm not gonna just say that these are wonderful and that i can SCARCELY BELIEVE IT given their price. I'd just be repeating others' comments. I'm also going to try to describe exactly why: My Focal speakers (40 litre full range, 30kgs each) have been waiting for these! Sitting on their stands . . . waiting. I've brought them joy. Bass and Midbass instrumental lines have gained the delineation and clarity I always knew was lurking. But now I HAVE IT! It's a more sophisticated sound, free(er) of textural confusion. General imaging and the 'start and stop' articulation have improved markedly. It's like the stored cabinet energy that was veiling the sound is GONE. Where? I dont know! Congratulations Steve, you leave me wanting more, which is just how it should be.

Name: Michael Flaherty, Seattle, Washington
Review: The Big Fat Dots under my full range front loaded horns more than cured a slightly bloompy bass--more extension, and incredible tunefullness/clarity/detail. Really quite unbelievable. And yet another whole new world of additional microdynamics are making themselves known. Great!

Name: JG, Colorado
Review: I have Big Fats between the modules of my Von Schweikert loudspeakers and the improvement is fantastic, phenomenal. I'm using five, with an extra one in the middle. The music is clearer, crystal clear. I can't understand why Von Schweikert doesn't provide them in the first place instead of those little pegs.

Name: John Zurek, Positive Feedback Online
Review: The Big Fat Black Dots are a winner.

Name: Dave Thompson, Toledo, Ohio
Review: Nice product. They did just what I was hoping for. They cleaned up my low end on my Usher X-719 Monitors.

Name: Paul Paulin, New Brunswick, Canada
Review: Just wanted to let you know your Dot package for my Von Schweikert VR4jr has been one of the best upgrades in my stereo history: given the price, probably the greatest upgrade. It's like I spent $5,000 for a new pair of speakers.

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