Affordable Audio Magazine, January 2010

Best of 2009
By Patrick Dillon

How many pieces of audio gear can you name for $100 or less that will improve
the sound of your system? This year, I had that learning experience courtesy of
Herbie's Audio Lab component feet which came for review and never left. For about
$50 for four of HAL's Tenderfeet, you can literally and sonically elevate the sound
of any component. HAL produces a range of vibration controlling footers and
dampers to treat every interface in your system, even cables, and the prices, coupled
with a 90-day no-fuss return policy means you can try these where it matters
most, in your own system. HAL opens up a world of tweakability no matter the
component mix. Pick of the bunch for me were his spike decouplers for speakers
which made an instant difference under my Von Schweikerts that converted me.
Close second, a set of tenderfeet under my digital front end that work better than
anything else I've tried. Clearer mids, smoother highs, and ease of use. I don't
know what HAL use in their proprietary materials but the results are impressive,
testable, and best of all, truly affordable. Product of the Year material in any year,
but the winner by a considerable margin in these troubled times.

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