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Name: Paul
Message: I have a small Klipsch subwoofer weighing 11lbs. Will the Big baby booties support that weight o.k.?

Webmaster's reply: They will easily support the weight. However, because of their compliant nature, Baby Booties are usually best suited for small rack components. For a Klipsch subwoofer, you might consider four Square Fat Dots (Small Fat Dots or Big Fat Dots would do very well also).
Name: michael k
Message: hello! would you put these under the existing rubber feet of a Linn Lingo (1st generation) or would you remove the Linn feet and use these as replacements?
thank you for your time. M

Webmaster's reply: Best used in direct contact with the bottom of the component chassis--NOT under the stock feet.
Name: Daryl Mitchell
Message: I had B & W 603S3's and a SVS Sub sitting on thin felt patches. I was wary that the gliders would make any noticeable difference. So I A/B'd them and I'm amazed at the difference. My wife is no audiophile, but she came in the room and wanted to know what I had changed to make it sound so good. She said it was now enjoyable to listen to rock or other genres with the volume cranked. I'm impressed enough now that I'm isolating the components.
Name: Duster
Message: Excellent choice to placed under small-footprint lightweight gear.
Name: michael yew
Message: Just to report the result of the Babybooties on my Pro-ject phono amp.
The immediate improvement which I can detect is the voicing and instrument tend to adopt a more organic feel-meaning everything starts to sound more real and more 'correct' Basslines was also easier to follow.

Now for the superior spikes...
Name: Bob Ludwig
Message: I just recently became a "Herbie's Customer!" I ordered the Super Big Hole CD Mat and the Baby Booties to try with my Samsung Blu-ray DVD/CD Player. I expect the two of them to make quite an improvement based on the Positive Comments I've read so far! I'm also going to order some isolation material for my Speaker Stands as well! I'll keep you informed regarding my results!


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