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Name: HI!
Name: sean (ottawa) Canada
Message: Happy (repeat) customer:
Giant Fat Grounding Base, put these under my Winlabs TT towers, with the reversible stainless steel disc on top of the towers/caps as they were scuffed years ago..back in the 70s? Not only do they look like they are part of the TT, but the inprovements in realism is jaw droppin', I just can't say what an upgrade this is! Reminds me of when I had the same TT on a large sandbox with a inner tube underneath (which was hard to level) and inner tubes leek as well, real hassle. Not these footers. Put them in place and leave them!
Best upgrade ever from Herbie's. I have also purchased Tube rings/footers, SuperSonic Stabilizer, etc..all have been upgrades but the Giant Fat Grounding Base under the TT has brought my system to a new level I did not think was possible. Thanks for creating something I have been waiting for!

All the best ,

Name: Frank
Message: The spike/grounding base combination: great surprise. Once installed, the bass tightened up appreciably and deepened, it was good before. Detail increased from the midrange on down. Really astonishing. Katherine came home from work and the first words were, "Alright, what did you do?" This is huge.-Frank Englander, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Name: E. Cedeno, Cincinnati, OH
Message: My question is, which ones would you recommend to place under 50 lb Sound Anchors 3 post stands that will have a KEF LS50 speaker on top.

Webmasters's reply: The best option is a Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under each of the stock stand spikes and Square Fat Dots between stand and speaker. Otherwise, a Cone/Spike Puckie between stand spikes and floor would do very well (either of the three metal choices is okay), though with Puckies you'll lose the benefit of easier mobility that Gliders provide.
Name: Bob, Orange, CA
Message: I have the Hush Puckies between the spikes on my PSB Alpha Ts. Much better de-coupling producing better definition all round. Also have Square Fat Dots under my wooden Hi-Fi cabinet (pine with red oak base). I'm setting up an old G5 Power Mac as a music server and will use Square Fat Dots between it and the floor.
Name: Rex
Message: I have a pair of small monitors on stands. The floor is concrete with engineered wood. What to put between the stands/floor?


Webmaster's reply: Any of Herbie's dBNeutralizer-based loudspeaker and rack isolation products would be appropriate, depending on the stands, whether they are flat-bottomed, spiked, or etc. If presently using spikes, a Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under each would be an excellent choice. Usually, the interface between speaker and stand is the most essential; you might also consider four Square Fat Dots between each monitor and stand.
Name: H Mijovic, Croatia
Message: I just put decoupling Base only under my Speakers spikes disks. Its similar to fat dots which i use between Speakers and Stands. Big improvement. More clear sound, especially bass, but also mids and highs. More depth. More music. My floor is wooden so maybe vibrate a lot but i think it works on any kind of floor. I will also use that under my rack. I ordered base only because i have steel disks already but Herbie Gliders would be more practical for moving Speakers around. And also i switched few years ago from aluminium disks to steel and there was improvement in sound - in bass. So disks and decoupling matters. Big and fantastic improvement. Very easy to hear. I will order 8 more just for reserve;)
Name: Roger Crane
Message: Hello, Just like to say hello. Also, do you ever have any sales? I didn't see any. It would be nice to know, that you don't have to pay full price all the time.

Webmaster's reply: Herbie's Audio Lab keeps prices as low as possible all-year-round; it's like all our products are always on sale. You can make a purchase at any time knowing that you won't miss out on your item being on sale just around the corner. Of course, price adjustments occur from time to time--sometimes a product price needs to be increased because of increase in material costs; just as often, prices are reduced because of better economies of scale or a more efficient production method is put into use.
Name: Robert Haber
Message: Adding the decoupling pads below my brass floor protectors under my speaker spikes resolved a severe floor resonance problem and reduced structure-borne feedback to my turntable. Bass in particular is much tighter and more extended, but there are improvements across the whole spectrum.
Name: K. Sims, Oakland, CA
Message: I wasted no time in trying the Cone/Spike Grounding Bases. They work! Even on carpet their effect is pronounced. Sorry if I seem surprised, especially after my success with the Tenderfeet, but I am a skeptic by nature and training.

The improvements I notice from the Grounding Bases are as follows:

+ at first I thought the overall volume was lower, but in fact, resonance I previously did not know was there is now gone.

+ the lack of resonance cleans up everything, but benefits bass and midrange particularly.

+ with respect to placement and presence, elements in the sound field are clearer.

Thank you for another effective and useful solution. I have already begun referring friends to you
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